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Welcome in the Solus Numeri Vault

A website where not much will happen until the release of the first demo: Attempto.

Latest news:

27/04/2007: One year after the last update, it seems the release of Attempto is in the works. We have four new songs being finished, for a total of eight, with perhaps a bonus track on top of that. And that will be it. Expect a release in the coming months both on CDs and online for free in mp3 and flac formats. Yes you heard me: Attempto will be released for free on internet in lossless under the Creative Commons Licence. There might just be a once in a lifetime concert of Solus Numeri this year to celebrate the release. I've found the perfect musicians and rehearsal will begin soon. More details when I have them.

27/04/2006: After an incredibly long wait, at last here is m1 (Lucy) with its second verse! Many thanks to Marylin and Marloes for the vocals.

04/12/2005: The comeback! After a few long months without the proper gear to record anything, I'm back with a Presonus Firepod which allows me to record the new songs even better than before since the drums will be on eight tracks all the way to the final mix, and I'm upgrading to 96kHz!! Right now I'm recording "Eh Merde". In the good news dept. I've also received my snare. And at last, the 2005 Halloween evening at Guillaume Genest's pub "Le Snakepit" saw the unlikely one-night revival of the old farts of Exès De Vie, where we talked about the good old times (which weren't perhaps as better as the new times...).

18/01/2004: At last the bass track was added to Delbosh.

04/01/2004: Still no mixing table, and a broken snare, but I should be able to borrow a 5-string bass soon and record the delbosh bass track. Another news is we'll start a new band with Damien, Camille and Lionel, and should rehearse this month.

18/07/2003: The music fiesta was a moderate success, we played 4 rehearsed songs: Of Sins And Shadows, Solitary Shell, Schism and Scratch The Pitch, plus a jam and an improvised Enter Sandman. My mixing table is dead so the recordings will be on hold until I buy a new one. Meanwhile, we're getting an acoustic band ready for the summer, codename: Acoustica, but more new on that later.

23/04/2003: Zelda has drums takes, which could very well be the good ones, I did not have time to listen to them yet. And I finished two drum scores from Tool and have already posted Schism here. I will very probably appear at the Musique Day in Nice (France), next to the band Strawberry, with the singer Marylin Tonelli, guitarist Gregory Aniorte and bassist Lionel Deschamps to play Schism of Tool.

03/04/2003: M1(Lucy) is done expect for the vocals of the second verse which have to wait until next week for the singer to come back. Due to the beginning which covers some Dream Theater, I have asked Mike Portnoy permission for this, but have not yet received any answer, which does not surprise me considering he's recording. But I was told he would answer if there was a problem, which would mean there is none. Other important news: I'm moving back to Nice next month and therefore Solus Numeri RECRUITS motivated musiciens and if possible gifted, to form a big group of prog. metal with diverse influences. I also started working on Zelda (the song, not the game) and everything's going well.

09/03/2003: M1(Lucy) is almost done: I mixed everything, I only have to redo a couple bass parts and the singing of the second verse (but that will have to wait unfortunately, because my singer is gone for a month). I also remixed Satire.

02/03/2003: I finally have my guitar back, with a buzzing microphone, a broken plate and a torn box, thanks to the shop who kept it two months and a half to give it back worse than it came in. Anyway, I recorded the guitar for m1. I have all the chorus, remains the drums, acoustic guitar, bass and flute to do. I would have had the drums today if plugged the overheads in. I also have a new drum mix with reverb and compression on the snare.

17/02/2003: Status update for m1(Lucy): I have the chorus from Marloes Dekkers recorded, the midi tracks are done, the flute is written (so now I have to play them) and it fits together rather well. I'm redoing a middle part with a real acoustic guitar, but I cannot do the entire song acoustic because I'm missing the 7th string for the last mesures. I intend to redo the guitar, the drums and the flute. Then I'll record the second voice: Marylin Tonelli (in theory this week), and the acoustic bass (next week). I also started to plan Eddie Lives. Last call for anyone playing violin, cello or piano, I'd like to make small takes.

11/02/2003: OK, I managed to save most of m1(Lucy) from cubasis and stuff it in cakewalk. Somehow cubasis puts an extra blank second at the beginning of each part, which did not make things easy or smooth. I have extra plans for this one, we will have two women singers and perhaps a violin track.

10/02/2003: I am currently recording the drums and vocal backgrounds for m1(Lucy). And I finally gave up on cubasis, it has just lost me hours of labor and I am not willing to let it eat my harddisk for nothing (average of 2G per song, because you cannot delete unused parts), and aside from crashing numerous times, it does not let me mix midi with the song. This program sucks. Not too related is the fact that I recorded the drum parts for nothing (the drum part on the score page took me 4:30 hours to record, yes) because I am redoing it with cakewalk (and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep them), and also because my front mike for the bass drum was too high.

For those that just wish to contact me: Click here.


  • 18/01/2004: Bass track in Delbosh, scores of Delbosh (drums and guitars), and drum scores of Prison Sex (of Tool).
  • 18/07/2003: Added a preview of M1 online.
  • 30/05/2003: New version of #2 guitar score: now the complete main guitar.
  • 23/04/2003: Added score of Shism by Tool.
  • 02/03/2003: Added some pictures.
  • 22/02/2003: Added an mp3: Satire.
  • 09/02/2003: Added a m1(Lucy) score.
  • 29/01/2003: Added scores and lyrics pages.
  • 28/01/2003: Added pictures and comments pages.
  • 22/01/2003: Added a links page.
  • 19/01/2003: There goes the first mp3s!!!
  • 18/12/2002: Yargla! we go live!