Solus Numeri RECRUITS!!!

So, here it is, I'm looking for musicians to form a band where I'd play drums or guitar, to play my songs, new songs and covers. To give you an idea or the style, you can listen to some of the songs I put here and read on for the list of covers I would like to make. My idea is to play as soon as possible in pubs/clubs to finance gear and time invested in the band. The ideal would be to find another player who plays drums and another instrument, so we can swap on occasion. I would like to never play the same covers, and arrange them enough to make them worth it. I'm looking for singer, bass player (at least 5-strings for practical reasons), lead guitarist, drum player and I'm open to any other instrument suggestion. I have a rehearsal studio near Nice, France.

Here's the first version of wanted covers:

  • Dream Theater -- The Glass Prison
  • Dream Theater -- Take The Time
  • Symphony X -- Evolution (The Grand Design)
  • Symphony X -- Communion And The Oracle
  • Ark -- Heal The Waters
  • Ark -- Burn The Sun
  • Tool -- Prison Sex
  • Tool -- Schism
  • Tool -- Eulogy
  • Tori Amos -- Gold Dust
  • Bjork -- It's Not Up To You
  • Artefact -- Menhir
  • Guano Apes -- You Can't Stop Me
  • Jelly Jam -- I Am The King
  • Spock's Beard -- The Devil's Got My Throat
  • Deep Purple -- Burn
  • Lamb -- Gorecki
  • Megadeth -- Good Mourning/Black Friday
  • Megadeth -- Angry Again
  • Metallica -- Fight Fire With Fire
  • Metallica -- The Call Of Ktulu
  • Massive Attack -- Everywhen
  • Pantera -- Fucking Hostile
  • System Of A Down -- I-E-A-I-A-I-O
  • Vanden Plas -- Far Off Grace
  • Arcturus -- Ad Absurdum
  • Bumblefoot -- ??
  • ...
None is simple, but they're all brilliant, and anyways you should always aim higher than what you can play.