The Songography

Demo project Attempto:
#2 Old composition from Exès De Vie very influenced by Metallica, to which I added an intro, a Dream Theater break, and a Paradise Lost end. Well, that's my idea of the project, if you cannot hear the influence it's not my problem. 8:34 Done.
Delbosh Title heavily influenced by Tool, but which started one night with the discovery of a riff in 17/8 that will be tried on every variation throughout the title. A calm tapping passage in the middle calms everything until it starts again heavier. I finish on another variation of the principal theme with different sounds. I overused the 17/8 mesures so drums composition was a challenge. I also use all that my 7-string has to offer on this one. 8:44 Done.
Satire Interlude for the end of the demo, testing pitch-shifting, drum machine and 12 acoustic guitars. 2:16 Done.
m1 (Lucy) Very calm new composition that starts with a cover and deviation from the Dream Theater demo Caught In A Web/New Millenium, then continues as a calm song. 9:14 Done.
Zelda Old track from Exès De Vie, very influenced by the 6/8 parts of Iron Maiden. The title comes from the original starting riff that reminds of Zelda, and to avoid any confusion, I added samples of the NES game throughout and guitar themes. 7:57 Guitars and drums done.
Eh Merde Punk title composed for Exès De Vie, which was our main title, our "hit" of sort. Thanks to Alexis (former bass player of Exès De Vie, now in Artefact) I now have the lyrics, and thanks to Jérôme (former guitarist of Exès De Vie) I think I can rebuild the little melody this mythical piece had. 3:11 Guitars and drums done.
Eddie Lives Tribute to Iron Maiden title composed for Exès De Vie. Same as Eh Merde for the lyrics. ?? Nothing recorded for now.
Brandade Simple and pure prog, a great moment of happiness. The flute and the choirs are back, and I'm singing ! 8:23 Guitars, drums, flutes and choirs done.
The death of a cymbal (is always sad) An attempt to play faster metal, but still with a touch of prog in the middle. 8:42 Guitars and drums done.

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