The Solus Numeri links

  • Artefact:
    I recommend that you go explore the noise that Artefact makes (with the former Exès De Vie bass player: Alexis). The compositions are rich and varying, the arrangments complex, the riffs poweful and precise, and overall it's a very good demo, very nice to listen to before going to sleep.
  • Ron Thal:
    There again I won't hold all the good about him: amazing guitarist whom fretless guitars do not scare, beat programmer that makes me so envious, talented singer, all this mixed in all styles experiments that are always a succes. He makes great shows (nice, warm, long, very long, and amazingly well played), and judging by email conversations, he's VERY nice (this and he even likes some stuff I do).
  • Sean Malone:
    One of the musiciens I admire most, he plays bass, Chapman Stick, and EBow and is joined by musicians as inspired and talented as his virtuosity dazzles me. I do not know yet his pre-"Gordian Knot" period but no doubt it was as brilliant as the two albums I cherish so much. Sounds as diverse as clear and sharp, a talented interpretation, varied and very rich compositions, all inventive and originals. This, and Sean Malone actually reads the mails people send him, which is rare enough for famous artists to be mentioned, and let's hope it lasts. Thank you Sean Malone for these two albums I will never get tired of.